Western cockfighting and interesting things that not everyone knows

For a long time, Vietnamese people have loved cockfighting and it has become a prominent cultural feature. The Western region is always a bright spot for players to participate with their passion. Battles Western cockfighting always has an undeniable appeal, so let’s learn about this special type of entertainment with  Home page new88.

What is Western cockfighting?

Western cockfights are cockfights of cockfighters organized in the Western region of Vietnam. There are many extremely famous chicken breeds, some of which include Tra Vinh chicken and Cao Lanh chicken. All of these chickens have excellent fighting skills and enthusiasm that will attract viewers to fire jumping matches. Each cock is extremely brave and is carefully cared for before entering the fierce arena.

Cockfighting in the West will have the main form of cockfighting with iron spurs, which include round iron spurs and knife spurs. Each match always attracts the attention of countless viewers both live and online at the house. Because the attraction is truly undeniable, every moment is thrilling and dramatic like never before. This makes it even more impossible to take your eyes off, Western chicken breeds have extraordinary strength and fighting spirit.

Each Western cockfight takes place quickly because of its high lethality, so only a few kicks can kill the opponent. Both cocks fought hard and were willing to sacrifice their lives to win. It is not wrong to say that this is the type of entertainment that easily makes people fascinated in such bloody battles.

Famous chicken breeds in Western cockfighting

It is not natural that cockfighting matches in the West have such great attraction. It is because of the attraction of famous fighting cock breeds present in the arena as below.

Cao Lanh fighting chicken breed

The Cao Lanh chicken breed is very famous and you have probably heard of it. They are a cross between Cambodian fighting chickens and Vietnamese chickens. The fighting style of this breed of chicken attacks extremely fast, continuously with fatal kicks. Besides, there is a combination of sharp movement ability and knowing how to defend against enemies.

The fighting moves of Cao Lanh fighting cocks are extremely ferocious and unique. They are considered to have a dangerous playing style and can double kick. This is the reason why they are always chosen in matches with all the necessary elements of a true fighting cock.

Fighting chicken breed at Lach Ben Tre market

If we talk about Western cockfighting, we cannot ignore this fighting cock breed. Lach Ben Tre market fighting cocks are famous for having many large cockfighting arenas and having a fierce fighting spirit. Their fighting style is strong, continuous and knows how to wriggle very well. There are many chicken owners who want to own this breed of chicken, so they have searched all over the West to own them.

Tra Vinh fighting chicken breed

This is also one of the chicken breeds that creates attraction for cockfighting in the West. With his cunning eyes and unique kicks, he really makes many guys fall in love with him. If you have participated in cockfighting, you should not miss the match of Tra Vinh fighting cocks if you want to burn your eyes in every fiery moment in the arena. From there, you can have the most relaxing moments as well as participate in betting with high results.

Why is Western cockfighting so attractive?

In Vietnam, cockfighting in the West can be said to be the most famous and attracts many chicken enthusiasts as well as betting enthusiasts. Because here there are always many big cock tournaments of the best cock fighters across the country. Therefore, the matches are of high quality and attract a large number of viewers.

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If Cambodia has Thomo cockfighting, Vietnam has Western cockfighting. Not only that, the people here love this type of thing so it always creates a more bustling atmosphere than anywhere else. All chicken breeds have high tactics, are cunning and extremely strong, making the match much more attractive.

The West is the land of cockfighting, everyone knows this. That’s why the chicken owners here know how to care for, train and choose very good chicken breeds. Especially on festivals in the West, large stone tournaments are always held, so this land becomes even more famous and known to many people.

Thanks to the tradition of raising fighting chickens, Western chicken breeds are of very high quality and professional cockfighting is organized. This is the reason why bookmakers always choose this place to broadcast major cockfighting tournaments to you to serve the most unique bets. Cockfighting in the West is not only famous in real life but also extremely popular on online betting sites.

Where is the best place to watch and bet on Western cockfighting?

With the popularity of Western cockfighting, there are now many online playgrounds offering this type of game to players. However, not all points are of good quality and highly appreciated. Therefore, choosing  New88 is extremely accurate and smart. Because this is a reputable bookmaker, it meets all the following factors necessary for you to participate in tracking and betting.

Continuously update the Western cockfighting schedule

If you have to spend a lot of time and effort to go to the cockfighting ring in the West, why not stay home and watch at  New88. The bookmaker continuously updates all cockfighting schedules of the day’s matches many hours in advance. This will help players know which cocks are fighting today so they can arrange a reasonable time to participate. From there, it’s easy to choose where to bet and have the highest possible win rate.

Watch cockfighting with top quality and resolution

With the investment in modern technology,  New88 did not disappoint viewers by experiencing Western cockfighting with extreme quality. High resolution from images to sounds are extremely vivid and sharp. You will feel like you are at the Western cockfighting arena, not watching through a phone or computer screen.

From connection speed to live video, everything is connected quickly and smoothly. Especially 3D sound helps you witness like real life and always anxiously wait for the results. It can be affirmed that there are few bookmakers who can do that, so let’s experience watching cockfighting here with your friends right away.

Feel free to choose bets

Not only can you watch Western cockfighting live at  New88, you can also freely bet on the cock you believe will win. The betting odds offered by the system are extremely attractive and attractive. Every day there will be countless matches for you to choose to bet on. Even if you are busy at work, you can still satisfy your passion. You can watch the match and earn a lot of money every day when participating in betting.

So, useful information about Western cockfighting has been updated for you in the above article. If you are passionate about this type of betting entertainment Login  New88 for the ultimate experience.

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