Exchange Alipay CNY to Tether TRC20 (USDT)

Alipay is a rapidly growing Chinese payment system operating in the field of online commerce. You can use it to make any payments in the Middle Kingdom or pay for purchases on sites such as and, which most attracts shopaholics from around the world.

Alipay directly cooperates with many financial companies, including Visa and MasterCard systems, the world’s largest banks, the China Post service, the Chinese taxi DiDi, and the mobile operator China Unicom. But we are talking exclusively about transactions with fiat currencies, and when it comes to digital assets (even if it is the Tether USDT stablecoin in the TRC-20 network – the digital analogue of the American dollar), then direct transfer is not provided. You will need the help of third-party specialized services.

How to pay for a purchase on a Chinese site using Tether?

To pay for a purchase on and or other accounts, the easiest way for the owner of a stablecoin is to transfer money through a special electronic exchanger. There are many services to exchange Alipay CNY to Tether TRC20 (USDT), as you can see by looking at the rating on the monitoring portal

This payment scheme is convenient, eliminates restrictions, and allows you to make payments with Chinese partners without trying to find a way to register on Ali pay, go through verification, and then figure out how the wallet works. The operating principle of the circuit is as follows:

  • the client orders the required amount in Chinese yuan from the selected exchanger;
  • pays the invoice received from the exchange service with Tether digital assets;

The exchanger, with a counter transaction, transfers CNY via the Alipay system to the account of the recipient (seller from China).

Transfer of USDT in the TRC-20 network via Alipay to a counterparty from China on favorable terms

The scheme described above does not require unnecessary actions from the exchanger client, but provides for the conversion of currencies with associated costs. When making an exchange, everyone’s logical desire is to ensure maximum savings. To do this, you need to return USDT at a higher price and in return buy CNY at a lower price.

You can view the current list of monitor of crypto exchange websites on the website This is a monitoring portal that receives information from exchangers regarding the price they set for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money. Each exchange service has its own conditions (rates, restrictions, commissions), so the user should compare several options and choose the best one.

Selecting an exchanger based on its listing on the monitoring portal ensures the security of the transaction. The resource receives information exclusively from online exchange offices verified by the security system and includes them in the ratings. In principle, using the portal, you can convert different currencies. For ordinary users its services are free. Information on the portal is updated every minute. It’s easy to navigate, as well as go to the exchanger you like (to do this, just click on its name). Everything is simple, fast, safe.

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