Did you ask these 5 questions to your pest exterminator?

Most homeowners hire a pest control company out of panic and often forget the essentials before hiring them. You are allowing outsiders to give access to your personal property and thus, you must be alert of who are you handing over it to. While hiring a pest control company, you must look for a few answers to be confident of hiring them.

Ask a few basic questions to learn about their qualification, experience, and skills in pest management. 

Have you asked these 5 questions to your pest controller?

Do you have experience in dealing with pests?

They should have dealt with pest infestation issues earlier in their profession. Hiring an experience firm ensures you are not dealing with any experiments and amateurs for your personal property. Do not hesitate to ask their experience in pest management.

Do you have the license to practice as pest controllers?

To be on a safer side, firms that are recognized and licensed by the Government must be chosen. It is highly unlikely that they will be ineffective in their results. Moreover, these companies always fear of losing their license and it is easier to complain about them on dissatisfactory results.

How long does it take to complete the whole pest control activity?

This will be slightly tricky for them to answer unless they are clear about the pest issues in your house. The intensity of pest infestation and the type of pest problem may help them share with you the deadline of the whole activity. Thus, it would be wise to discuss the pest issues with them beforehand.

What type of methods and products do you use?

Another critical question is to confirm the pest controlling methods and products used by them. They must be ready with this answer, especially when you make them aware of the pets and children in your house. Let them choose pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and human-friendly pesticides.

Once the pest control activity is completed, will the pests come back?

You must know the urgency for pest control treatments and the duration till it lasts. Checking the duration from your pest control company will help you plan your next pest management activity accordingly. Some companies work on contract on planned schedules. 

Discuss with your local pest controller by reaching them personally. For more details on pest control activities and companies, you may also visit

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