Introducing Varlamore, The New OSRS Expansion On Coming March 20th

OSRS Varlamore is a full-fledged expansion that adds a new area, quests, the Perilous Moons mini-game, and a wave-based arena.

Buy cheap OSRS accounts from U7Buy and get ready for the new Varlamore expansion! Have you heard the newest OSRS news? The game is getting an expansion. It’s called Varlamore and it is packed with new content. And we don’t even have to wait that long for it. Varlamore is scheduled to go live on March 20th. The expansion will arrive in two phases. Varlamore Part II will come in the summer. For now, let’s see what Part I will bring.

A New OSRS Zone, the Kingdom of Varlamore, Opens Its Gates

The Shining Kingdom of Varlamore is where the eponymous Old School RuneScape expansion takes place. The zone has several areas of interest. First of all, we have the capital city Civitas illa Fortis. This is where you will find the ruler, Queen Zyanyi, guarded by her royal Kualti army. The city is a hub for quests and other activities. Important locations in the city include the Sunrise Palace flanked by the Grand Museum and the Kualti Headquarters. Somewhere near the headquarters, we can see the prison. The Bazaar, Park, and Colosseum are other locations worth visiting. The city also has a trading port. Once we step out of the city, we find ourselves in the vast Avium Savannah. The Stonecutter Outpost, Locus Oasis, Hunter’s Guild, Kualti Station, and Ralos Rise are the places you’ll want to visit. There’s no better way to get acquainted with the new Varlamore area than doing the quests. You will find no shortage of activities and lore around these parts.

Test Your Skills in the New PvM Arena at Fortis Colosseum

Waves upon waves of monsters are coming at you. Can you take them down and survive this trial? How should you prepare for this challenge? The good news for Fire Cape owners is that they will survive the first rounds quite easily. After that, things get more hectic. Various types of enemies will come at you. Don’t get too comfortable as things aren’t always predictable. The monsters will come from different places and they are not always the same. After a wave is over, you have some decisions to make. You need to select the number of modifiers that make the enemies stronger. If you want, you can quit after each wave. You get a prize for your efforts, but you get an even bigger prize if you wage it on the next fight. The higher the wave, the better the loot. If you manage to put on a good show, you get a little extra for your showmanship talents. Let’s see some of the most desirable rewards. Dizana’s Quiver is a cape offering that allows you to have two ammo types. The Glaive of Ralos is a thrown weapon that can be equipped in one hand. The Sunfire Fanatic Armor set has great stats. It includes a helm, bodysuit, and legs. A new type of rune, Sunfire, is acquired from the arena. U7Buy offers professional Old School RuneScape services for players looking to boost their Gielinor adventures!

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