Does The Phone Hang? So Make These Simple Rules

Sometimes this question comes to mind that why does our smartphone become Phone Hang? Those button phones of old used to last for years. Many times, after falling down from the third floor, even after breaking into three pieces, they would join together within minutes. And these are the phones of today – they come in thousands and lakhs and if they break, they even cost thousands to get them repaired. And within a year they fall ill, so that’s a different matter.

Let us find out why our smartphones, be it Android phones or iPhones, start Phone hanging within a year and what should be done to get energy back in them.

Why does the phone Phone Hang?

The biggest reason for slowness of any phone is its memory getting full. One of the most important components of the phone is its RAM. A lot depends on RAM whether the phone will run fast or slow, because RAM is responsible for opening any app. Nowadays new updates come in smartphones every second-third day. Every new update is better than the previous update, and the new update also takes up the memory size of the app. You never know when these updates of a few MB will make your 10-12 GB RAM slow in 10-12 months.

Another major reason behind the phone slowing down is excessive use of cache memory. Nowadays, there is so much competition in the app ecosystem that every app making company wants to design its app faster than others. In such a situation, app designers adopt a shortcut. To make the app faster, they start saving many important and recent activities of the app in the RAM memory. Now this makes the app superfast, but if the data being saved in this cache memory is not managed properly, then after some time the app also slows down and takes the entire phone with it. Is.

Our contribution in slowing down the phone is no less. We keep many such apps installed in our phones, which we rarely use. Such apps are like that sherwani or lehenga lying in our house, which is worn only for one day in life, on our wedding day. So such apps eat up phone space and sooner or later slow down the phone. What measures to take?

Make a rule. Keep only those apps in your phone which you use daily or at least once a month. Immediately uninstall seasonal apps that are used once a year from your phone. If needed tomorrow, you can download it again. Similarly, close or kill all the apps running in the background on your phone every day.

If you sleep every night after switching off your phone, then it is a good habit. This will also lead to digital detox and the phone will not slow down, because a large part of the phone’s cache memory/RAM is refreshed every night.

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Then the phone will last for 3 to 5 years!

I have been reviewing phones for the last 17 years and after reviewing thousands of phones, I am sure about one thing that any phone lasts comfortably for 2 to 3 years, if you take good care of it and keep the memory full. Don’t let this happen (Phone Hang), do data management and keep uninstalling unnecessary apps from the phone from time to time. Sometimes, if you save your data and factory reset the phone, the phone can easily last for 3, not to mention 5 years.

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