Overview of the game Tien Len Southern

The name Southern Tien Len is certainly no longer strange to professional players participating online betting entertainment. The game will still use the 52 cards of the Poker deck to conduct competition between players. In addition, compared to the Northern game series, this game is considered to have gameplay suitable for more audiences.

At a table, there will be 2 to 4 members competing together. Immediately after that, the system will allocate a total of 13 cards to each player according to a completely random algorithm. Within a certain period of time, you must arrange these cards to form powerful combinations. At the same time, apply effective playing strategies to win in the end. 

If the member is just a rookie or does not have much actual combat experience, you should not ignore the extremely important information we provide below.

How is Tien Len Southern played?

At present, the game can be divided into three different stages including dealing, playing cards and taking down the pin. The player’s task in each match is to use their card combinations to block the opponent’s cards. 

For the first match, the player holding the 3 of spades has the right to deal first. In the following games, customers who win in the previous game will receive this privilege. In particular, the game will be played from left to right, counterclockwise.

If the customer does not have a card to block, he or she can stop and give the turn to other members to play. But this also means that you will lose that turn and have to wait until the next round to participate. The member will win in the end when he is the one who gets rid of all the cards in his hand the fastest.
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What terms are there in how to play Tien Len in the South?

To be proactive in each card game as well as increase their probability of winning, players need to master the specialized terms used in this game. Specifically:

  • Junk: Refers to cards that cannot be combined with any other cards. 
  • Cu: A term used for the case where a customer holds three cards of the same value.
  • Pair: You own two cards with the same number but different numbers. In addition, you can use a pair of greater value to block the opponent during the match.
  • Straight: Made up of at least three cards with consecutive numerical values. The characteristic of this combination is that it does not require the cards to be of the same suit.
  • 3 – 4 pairs of cards: In case the customer has three or four pairs of cards in a game.
  • Four of a kind: To talk about the situation where a member owns 4 cards of equal value. In the way of playing Tien Len in the South, this is considered a quite rare card combination and brings many benefits to the owner.

Special combinations are available in the way of playing Southern Tien Len 

In addition to information about terminology and how to play, this masterpiece also allows players to have special privileges when owning precious combinations.

Pig rot 

According to the rules of Tien Len Mien Nam playing style, this case occurs when the game has come to an end. When a member loses last but still holds a two card in hand, it will be considered a flop. At this time, the home page will base on the value you have to issue a fine. The person who owns all this money is the winning member before you.

A total of 13 cards

In online Tien Len, many players also call this “burning cards”. This word is used to describe the case where a player has won but the member still holds 13 cards in hand. You must be extremely careful not to make mistakes like this, because when you encounter this situation, you have to pay a huge amount of money. 

Go white 

This is a term that describes players who own highly valuable and extremely rare cards. If you are lucky like that, you will be considered the winner immediately by the home page without having to compete:

  • Case 1: In the first match, the player has four of a kind 3 or 3 pairs of cards with a 3 of spades.
  • Case 2: Cases of getting white in Southern Tien Len play include: Four twos, dragon straight from three to Ace, 6 pairs of pine, 12 consecutive cards of the same suit, six pairs.

How to cut cards in advancing to the South?

This will be an action that helps choppers increase their capital quickly. Specifically:

  • Four of a kind will help customers block a pair of pigs or three pairs of pine.
  • In case of owning three pairs of cards, the player can use them to block any of the opponent’s two pieces.
  • If another player makes a pair of two, four of a kind or three of a kind, the member will have the right to cut these combinations of cards if they hold four pairs of cards.
  • The word stacking is used to describe the last member who has stopped all previous stacking actions. In such a situation, the customer who is cut off will have to pay the cards in the end.

Revealing the correct way to play Southern Tien Len without any adjustments

Although the gameplay is extremely simple, if you want to win a lot when experiencing super products, you need to apply the following effective strategies. 

Always keep a stable mentality 

Certainly with card games, members cannot avoid confrontation with more skilled players. Even so, customers must be very clear-headed and calm. Because at this time, your important task is to observe the actions as well as remember the tactics that the opponent is using. From there, come up with the most accurate moves to take down other players.

Grasp all the cards

One of the ways to play Tien Len in the South that is most applied by many masters is the strategy of memorizing all the cards. This way, you can greatly increase your winning rate. In addition to remembering their own cards, customers should also pay attention to the cards that their opponents have played. Only then can you accurately predict your opponent’s moves and map out an effective strategy.


Above is all the useful information about how to play Southern Tien Len for members. If you still have any questions or concerns, you can contact the customer care team at New88hg for dedicated advice and answers!

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