Left winger – top 10 most notable names

Names in the top 10 left winger Every appearance on the field brings a lot of expectations for fans. They are all highly appreciated by experts for their technical qualities and the mark they leave every time they appear. The talent of these players has been proven during the development of their careers. Trang chủ 789BET casino will help you learn more details about these midfielders.

Talented left winger – Marco Reus

Marco Reus is known as one of the naturally talented players in German football. He has smooth, accurate passes and decisive playing style, so he supports attacks very well. Currently, this player is playing for Borussia Dortmund and has a solid position in the squad. For many years in a row, this midfielder has been awarded the title of king of assists in the Bundesliga.

Kevin De Bruyne – the soul of Manchester City

The next name appears on the list left winger The best of all time is Kevin De Bruyne. He is one of the players who shows comprehensiveness in all aspects from attack to defense. The Belgian passer has a “very good” foot, providing his teammates with scoring passes at a very high rate. 

This season, this midfielder has many times set the stage for Erling Haaland to score easily. Even though he is over 30, Kevin De Bruyne is an extremely important factor in the club’s squad as well as the Belgian national team. He has good personal technique along with good acceleration, so he is always an inspiration for the whole team. 

Midfielder David Silva

It can be said that Manchester City is a lucky team to have quality midfielders in their squad. David Silva is one of the top passers currently on this list. He received high praise from experts and always demonstrated his expertise every time he was given the opportunity. The diversity in playing style has created a very diverse David Silva.

Isco Alarcon – Real Madrid player

Real Madrid is also a club that owns many top passers in world soccer in recent years. Although he has played for many different clubs, Isco has proven his ability when appearing in the White Vultures’ squad. Thanks to its technical background and craftsmanship, this returner delivers quality passes. He was among the best players in the world in the 2017 season.

Outstanding left winger – Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva is a player on the payroll of the Etihad Stadium team. He is an excellent attacking midfielder and is highly appreciated by experts for his ability. Under the hands of Pep Guardiola, Man City has created “monsters” in the midfield. This player has won many noble titles with his parent team. 

Douglas Costa – the best left winger

Douglas Costa is currently playing for LA Galaxy and holds the captain’s armband. That’s enough to say the influence and importance of the Brazilian player. This midfielder always shows good performance every time he goes on the field and has Samba-like handling moves. 

Juan Cuadrado – Juventus

Left winger – Juan Cuadrado is an important name in the Juventus shirt. He is always someone the coach trusts and gives him the opportunity to play regularly. Thanks to his speed and tricky dribbles, he always competes and wins the ball back in the midfield. From there, providing teammates with quality passes to finish off opponents.
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Left winger – Di Maria

Di Maria is currently playing for the Old Lady of Turin. Even though he has entered the other side of his career, this player still plays a very important role at the parent club. With his bold South American moves and good personal technical background, he is always highly appreciated by experts.

Spanish left winger – Koke

Koke is an angler with skillful feet and trademark passes. The player born in 1992 performed very well professionally every time he was given the opportunity to play. He plays an important role as number 9 in the team with the ability to create good assists for teammates to score. The Spanish player is always an indispensable name for Atletico.

Winger – Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is the next name mentioned in the top 10 list left winger best of all time. The Danish player plays an extremely important role in the national team and the host team. He is the one who leads the play and provides his teammates with passes with high scoring ability. Despite going through troubles in his career, he has now come back strongly in Man United’s shirt.


List of top 10 left winger The best of world soccer has been brought to us through the above article. It can be seen that the common point of these players is that they all possess “very good” passers. Therefore, they are the trigger in attacks and provide their teammates with delicious ball situations with high scoring ability.

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