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Euro 2024 is one of the most popular topics at the present time. A series of teams across the country will compete against each other to win the championship. Therefore, New88 also grasped the event to create many articles about betting and predictions for many bettors. 
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Overview of Euro 2024 

Euro 2024 is a European football tournament that takes place every 4 years, for teams from UEFA members to participate. The tournament will be held in many different countries each year. In 2024, Euro will be held in Germany, with the participation of the 24 best teams. The European Football Championship – Euro will take place from June 15 to July 15.

This year’s Euros will be held in 10 different locations across Germany, from large cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg to smaller cities such as Leipzig and Gelsenkirchen. There is an expectation that Germany will host a successful tournament, with modern facilities and experience hosting international sporting events.

What are the advantages of Euro 2024 at New88?

New88 provides a quality information platform, combining advanced technology and convenience to meet fans’ needs. The main features of this bookmaker not only help users update information quickly but also ensure accuracy in every detail of the tournament.

Information content is always updated as quickly as possible 

All information about the match schedule, match results and any changes to the match time of Euro 2024 are updated continuously and accurately. This helps users not miss any important information about this tournament. 

The application of advanced technology allows us to provide authentic information, which is especially useful during important events such as this year’s Euro. Any changes, no matter how small, will be updated immediately, giving fans more flexibility in their viewing plans.

There is an intelligent analysis system for each match

On New88, every match at Euro 2024 is evaluated with in-depth analysis. This is not only a reflection of traditional statistical data but also includes factors such as team performance, referee impact and player injury status.

This analysis system helps users have an overview of the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each team, thereby supporting smart betting decisions or monitoring the match more effectively.

Detailed analysis of the formation and tactics of both teams.

New88 provides thorough analytical articles on the strength of the teams participating in Euro 2024, drafted by experts with extensive experience in the field of football. These articles not only go into depth analyzing the tactics and performance of the players but also focus on synthesizing other factors that can also contribute to the final result of the match.

Venues for this year’s Euro finals

Based on the information received, it is expected that ten stadiums in German cities will participate in organizing the matches. Details of each Euro 2024 venue are stated as follows:

  • The city of Berlin will contribute the Olympiastadion Berlin stadium, with the capacity to accommodate more than 70,000 seats.
  • Cologne will provide the Cologne Stadium, which has a capacity of more than 47,000 seats.
  • Stadion Dortmund in Dortmund can accommodate more than 66,000 people.
  • Dusseldorf has prepared the Düsseldorf Arena, a building with the capacity to accommodate more than 47,000 spectators.
  • Frankfurt Arena in Frankfurt can accommodate more than 48,000 people.
  • Leipzig Stadium, located in the city of Leipzig, has a capacity of more than 42,000 seats.
  • Munich Football Arena, located in Munich, can accommodate more than 67,000 people.
  • Finally, Stuttgart Arena in the city of Stuttgart is designed to accommodate more than 54,000 people.

How many teams are participating in this year’s Euro?

There are a total of 24 national teams from Europe participating in Euro 2024, of which the German team, as the host, has a place by default and will compete in Group A in the group stage. This is the 14th consecutive time Germany (including West Germany) has participated in the Euro since 1972.
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Below is a list of groups and teams participating in this year’s Euro finals:

  • Group A: Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Switzerland.
  • Group B: Spain, Italy, Albania and Croatia.
  • Group C: Denmark, Serbia, England and Slovenia. 
  • Group D: Poland, Netherlands, France plus Austria.
  • Group E: Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and Belgium.
  • Group F: Türkiye, Portugal, Czech Republic, Georgia.


All of the information above introduces the every 4 years event Euro 2024. The above information of New88 will help you gain more knowledge about the team as well as detailed information. Wishing this year’s season a successful run!

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